The Soaring Demand for Veterinary Compounding

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The Soaring Demand for Veterinary Compounding: Meeting Unique Animal Health Needs


In recent years, veterinary compounding has experienced a remarkable surge in popularity, marking a significant advancement in personalised animal healthcare. This specialised field combines the expertise of chemists and veterinarians to create customised medications tailored to meet the unique needs of animals.

compounding helps all kinds of animals

Compounding helps all kinds of animals

From cats and dogs to horses and exotic species, veterinary compounding has emerged as a valuable solution to address various medical challenges faced by our beloved animal companions. McKenzies Compounding Chemist has always benefited from close relationships with our own animals and understands the desire to provide excellent care to our pet family members.

Unlike humans, animals come in diverse species, breeds, and sizes, each with distinct anatomical and physiological characteristics. This uniqueness often poses challenges when it comes to administering medication, as commercially available drugs may not always be suitable or available in the appropriate dosage forms or strengths. Veterinary compounding fills this critical gap, allowing veterinarians to provide tailored treatments that are more effective, palatable, and convenient for animals.


Advantages of Veterinary Compounding

One of the primary advantages of veterinary compounding is the ability to modify medications to suit an animal’s specific requirements. Compounded medications can be formulated into alternative dosage forms, such as flavoured chews, transdermal gels, or even liquids, making it easier for pet owners to administer medications to their furry friends. Furthermore, compounding enables the adjustment of dosages, which is particularly beneficial for smaller or larger animals that may require precise doses not readily available in commercial products.

The rising demand for veterinary compounding can be attributed to several factors. First and foremost, pet owners are increasingly seeking comprehensive and compassionate care for their animals, expecting treatment options that prioritise their pets’ well-being. Veterinary compounding allows for a more tailored approach, improving medication compliance and ultimately enhancing the quality of life for animals facing health challenges.

Moreover, the expansion of veterinary specialties and advancements in animal healthcare have led to the discovery of novel treatment options and therapies. Veterinary compounding plays a vital role in facilitating the delivery of these innovative treatments by providing custom medications that complement emerging veterinary practices.

Evolution of Veterinary Medicine

With the continuous evolution of veterinary medicine and the growing emphasis on personalised care, the demand for veterinary compounding is projected to rise even further. McKenzies is educated, equipped, and inviting of this trend. We see it as a movement that encourages collaboration between pharmacists, veterinarians, and pet owners to ensure the well-being of animals through customised treatment options.


In summary, veterinary compounding has experienced a significant upswing in recent years, transforming the landscape of animal healthcare and McKenzies Compounding Chemist is at the forefront of that movement. By tailoring medications to suit individual animal needs, we enhance medication compliance, improve treatment outcomes, and contribute to a higher quality of life for our cherished animal companions. As veterinary compounding continues to advance, it promises a brighter future for the well-being of animals worldwide.

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