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The Art & Science of Compounding

In some cases, traditional methods of treatment may not work for certain patients. This is where compounding comes in – the art and science of creating customized medications to meet a specific patient’s needs. Compounding pharmacists work closely with doctors to create tailored medications that are not available commercially, or to modify existing medications to better suit the patient.

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Compounding Provides Solutions for Common Medication Problems

Some common patient dosing problems that can be addressed through compounding include lactose intolerance, allergies to dyes or preservatives, alcohol-free medications, discontinued medications, medications in short supply, required strength or dosage form not available, medication taste, side effect intolerance, and patients not responding to conventional drug therapy.

Example: Lactose Intolerance

A patient with lactose intolerance may require a medication that is typically formulated with lactose as a filler or excipient. A compounding pharmacist can customise the medication using an excipient other than lactose to address the patient’s needs.

Example: Common Allergies

Patients who are allergic to dyes or preservatives can benefit from medications that are dye or preservative-free, while those who require alcohol-free medications can have their medication customised without the addition of alcohol.

Example: Discontinued Rx

For patients who require a discontinued medication or a medication in short supply, compounding can provide a solution if the USP grade chemical and applicable formula are available.

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Customising medication to the required potency, dosage form, or taste can also be achieved through compounding, along with reducing or alleviating side effects for patients who are intolerant to certain medications.

At McKenzies Compounding Chemist, we offer a wide range of formulations that cover numerous medication dosing problems, often enabling us to customise a medication to improve results and compliance where a commercially available medication did not. We welcome any product suggestions or ideas you may have and are happy to compound any type of medication to cater to your individual patient’s needs or to the needs of your clinic.

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