Veterinary Compounding Services for Pet Wellness

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When it comes to looking after our beloved four-legged family members, we want the very best for them. This includes ensuring they receive the right medications and treatments when they fall ill. But what happens when standard, commercially available medications don’t quite meet the unique needs of your pet? This is where veterinary compounding comes into play. In this beginner’s guide, we’ll explore the world of veterinary compounding, explaining what it is and why it’s crucial in the realm of animal healthcare.

What is Veterinary Compounding?

Veterinary compounding is the art and science of creating custom medications for pets. It involves the manipulation, combination, or customisation of medications to suit the individual needs of an animal. The process is performed by specially trained pharmacists and compounding professionals who work closely with veterinarians to formulate medications that are not readily available in the exact dosage, form, or flavour required for a specific animal.

Why is Veterinary Compounding Important?

  1. Personalised Medications: Just like humans, pets can have unique medication needs. Whether it’s a cat that refuses to take pills or a dog that needs a specific dosage not available commercially, veterinary compounding allows for personalised solutions. Medications can be formulated in various forms such as flavoured liquids, chewable treats, or transdermal gels to make administration easier.
  2. Allergies and Sensitivities: Many pets have allergies or sensitivities to certain ingredients commonly found in commercial medications. With compounding, these allergens can be eliminated, creating hypoallergenic medications that are safe and effective for sensitive pets.
  3. Dosage Adjustments: Some animals require very precise dosages that are not available in standard medications. Compounding allows for the exact dosing needed to treat a specific condition without the risk of overmedication.
  4. Combination Medications: In some cases, a pet may need multiple medications. Compounding can combine these medications into a single, easy-to-administer dose, reducing the stress of medication time for both pet and owner.
  5. Exotic and Less Common Pets: Exotic and less common pets often have unique healthcare needs. Veterinary compounding is essential for creating medications tailored to these special species, ensuring their well-being and health.
  6. Behavioural Medications: Medications for behavioural issues in pets, like anxiety or aggression, often require customised dosages. Compounding can provide effective solutions for managing these issues.
  7. Palliative Care: In cases of serious illness or end-of-life care, compounding can help provide comfort and relief for pets, enhancing their quality of life during their final stages.


In the world of veterinary care, one size does not fit all. Veterinary compounding offers a way to provide medications and treatments that are as unique as your pet’s needs. Whether it’s about ensuring your pet gets the right dose, finding a flavour they’ll happily accept, or accommodating their allergies and sensitivities, compounding opens up a world of possibilities for better, more personalised pet healthcare.

So, the next time you’re faced with the challenge of medicating your furry friend, consider the benefits of veterinary compounding. Consult with your veterinarian and explore the possibilities this specialised field of pharmacy offers in improving your pet’s health and overall well-being. Your pet deserves the best, and veterinary compounding is one way to ensure they receive it.

About Mckenzies Compounding

We are an independent compounding pharmacy located within Priceline Pharmacy Mount Lawley. We first opened our lab doors in 2008, creating quality, customised medications for those who require unique medications.

Unlike many other compounding pharmacies, we have a Laboratory dedicated only to compounding. We house state of the art equipment to deliver a higher standard product, reduce the risk of potential cross contamination, ensure the safety of our staff using hazardous materials and adherently follow the Standard Operating Practices. Our customers deserve the best which is why all of our raw ingredients are sourced from TGA approved facilities where ingredients are tested for potency and stability before being sent to us.

We are a complete resource for patients, doctors, and even other pharmacists in providing solutions for those with unique medication challenges. We are very proud to have found this special niche in our community and will go to great lengths to solve your unique medication needs.

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