COVID-19 and your compounded medication – What does this mean for you?

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During these unprecedented times amid the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we would like to ensure you that the health and well being of our customers has always been our number one priority. We would like to take this opportunity to outline the Standard Operating Procedures that we have always followed and the strict cleaning processes we have always had in place for our staff and customer safety.

Safety is our number one priority which is why we have always had these protocols in place.

The guidelines in Australia – WA especially – are vague and not as highly regulated as the US which is why we have chosen to emulate our operating procedures to that of the United States Pharmacopeia (USP795). We have always been proud to say that we have followed the USP795 standard and have complied with all of the regulations. These regulations assist in quality control as well as contamination control.

Bacteria can grow in almost any environment and adapt quickly – usually with the right PH level, moisture, oxygen and temperature. Even though our designated laboratory is strictly monitored for temperature and humidity, our technicians use isopropyl alcohol to wipe all surfaces, machines and equipment at the beginning and end of every day. As the laboratory is on the second floor of the building and only permits compounding staff (and no outside visitors unless servicing the equipment), we are able to reduce the amount of potential contaminants entering the laboratory. Our compounding staff members always use correct attire such as gowns, gloves, hair nets, masks and even shoe covers to help prevent outside particles from entering our compounding area. As we work with a lot of hormones, we are able to reduce the risk of contamination from other medications by using an air-flow hood. This hood is able to suck up any airborne particles that might otherwise fall onto surfaces or compounds.

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Our technicians clean all surfaces and machinery with alcohol every day.

With the current stock piling situation sweeping across Australia, we wanted to address our customers on our current stock holdings. Our suppliers are both TGA registered which means that all of our materials are tested for any contaminants and are issued a certificate of analysis before they are shipped to us. We cross check every material that is sent to us before we release the material to the laboratory to be used. These suppliers have plans in place in case of an emergency (for example, not being able to ship material from the US) which is why we have also chosen to have these suppliers as our number one source. There are no current shortages in our supplies, but we will keep everyone updated. We understand that many of our customers are self-isolating and as a way of convenience, we are able to consult over the phone and post your medications to help.

We can post your items to you at a discounted rate thanks to the governments new incentives to help everyone stay isolated, we just need to process a payment over the phone.

As the new regulations for our shop front (Priceline Pharmacy Mount Lawley), we have implemented social distancing in the store. The red lines on the floor are for everyone’s safety, and it is a guideline for the distance to keep from other customers and staff members. For now, our blood pressure, health checks and physical consultations are no longer accessible.

There are some shortages with COVID-19 related items in store. We are working around the clock to maintain the supply of product, however due to the demand felt around Australia; we cannot guarantee an ETA for these items. When these items reach our store, there will be item limits per customer and our friendly team will be here to assist further. We apologise for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding during these times.

These are incredibly difficult times for everyone and our team at McKenzies Compounding and Priceline Mount Lawley are always going to put the health and safety of our customers first. We will continue to assess the COVID-19 situation and take appropriate steps in prioritising the health and safety of our customers, while still delivering a quality and uninterrupted service.

As always, for any inquiries please call us on 9272 8726 and we will be happy to help. On behalf of our team, we thank you for your patience at this time and wish all of your good health as we all battle through this unpredictable pandemic together.