• Veterinary Compounding

    Veterinary Compounding

    Veterinary Compounding

    Veterinary compounding are mixing two injectable drugs, preparing an oral paste or suspension from crushed tablets or adding flavoring to a drug.
    “Marley is a 15 year old miniture schnauzer who gets a meloxicam suspension in a yummy chicken flavour specially compounded for her arthritis. Her pain is a lot more managable now and her daily walks have become enjoyable again.”Working closely with a pet owner and veterinarian a compounding pharmacist may assist in the treatment of animals by providing unique dosage forms of medication such as transdermal treatment and improving the taste and texture of oral medications to suit a particular animal. There’s beef, cheese, chicken and liver for dogs and cats. Horses prefer alfalfa, cherry, apple, carrot and molasses.

    veterinarian compounding can provide treatments and more effective methods of administration for creatures of all sizes and temperaments.vet compounding allows for custom dosage forms that may be suit each pet’s particular preferences. Veterinary compounding is finding a dosage form and suitable for each individual animal. A veterinary compounding pharmacy combines good quality of pharmaceutical ingredients to create specific formulations, delivery systems and dosages of veterinary medications. Our pharmacists are specially trained in compounding.

    Veterinary Compounding may include the following:

    • Sugar-free medications for diabetic pets
    • Transdermal gels as an alternative delivery system
    • Hard-to-find medications for urinary incontinence
    • Flavored antibiotic suspensions.
    • Anti-Diarrhea medications
    • Anti-Seizure Liquids and Capsules
    • Anti – Fungal Suspensions
    • Discontinued medications
    • Sugar-free formulations
    • Motion sickness treatments
    • Topical powders
    • Combination medications
    • Medicated biscuits/treats
    • Chewable flavored troches
    • Oral suspensions and pastes
    • Rectal suppositories
    • Individualized concentrated doses


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