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Welcome to McKenzies Compounding Chemist, we look forward to knowing and serving you.



Located on the iconic Beaufort St strip in Mt Lawley, Mckenzies Compounding has been serving the local community for over 70 years and providing a compounding service for over 15 years in our separate state of the art fully equipped 150m2 lab located on the second floor above our retail pharmacy.

Customised Medication is our Speciality!


We are a complete resource for patients, doctors, and even other pharmacists in providing solutions for those with unique medication challenges! We are very proud to have found this special niche in our community and will go to great lengths to solve your unique medication needs. When you or a loved one is troubled by their medicine or if you are in need of customised therapy, contact us today!


Services We Provide


Advances in modern technology, innovative techniques and research have allowed our pharmacists to customise medications when the “one-size-fits-all” mass-manufactured drug just isn’t right for you. Because we start from scratch, we are able to add in or leave out any ingredient, change the form of the medication (tablet to solution in your flavour of choice), or even make medication treats tasty enough for your pet!


Our Values

At our pharmacy, we believe that being a local independent pharmacy means providing healthcare and compounding services to our patients that are customised to meet their needs. Our expertly trained pharmacists and friendly staff pride themselves on making sure your pharmacy experience exceeds expectations. Visit us today to experience the McKenzies Compounding Chemist difference.




Information provided to this pharmacy by customers about personal matters will be treated as information to be held in trust, and will not be disclosed to persons who are not involved in providing continuing care without the express consent of the customer involved, or where appropriate, the consent of the customer’s carer.


Information includes verbal, written, information in computer or any other form.

Personal matters includes information relating to people’s age, health, medicines, disabilities, family status, or any other information that can reasonably be taken to be personal or sensitive.

Disclosure includes talking about, writing about, or discussing in any way.

Policy statement

When information is transferred with the consent of the person or their carer, they shall be provided with copies of the information.

Copies of any information transferred will be filed in the pharmacy and available for access to the persons involved, their carers, or other professionals to provide continuity of care.

Written or other information will be handled in such a way that unauthorised persons cannot view it, and will only be accessible to staff who have a legitimate need to know in order to provide continuing care.

Conversations between staff members within the pharmacy concerning customers’ personal matters must be conducted in such a manner that they cannot be easily overheard by other customers, and no conversations will be held in any public place regarding customers’ personal information.

Whenever information is transferred from one person to another it will always be done in a respectful manner, and only such information as is necessary for ensure good and continuous care will be offered.


This policy does not apply in situations where:

The safety of the person would be compromised by not disclosing information (in which case the Pharmacist in Charge will seek direction from the appropriate agencies)

The safety of others would be compromised by not disclosing information (in which case it is likely that both the police and those who are endangered may need to be notified).

Staff has knowledge of criminal activity (in which case the police need to be notified).