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Andropause is a condition of hormonal imbalance in men and may be related to declining levels of testosterone, elevated levels of estrogen or a mixture of both. Symptoms of Andropause include:


  • Increase in abdominal fat

  • Declining muscle mass and strength

  • Decrease in motivation and drive

  • Increase fatigue

  • Moodiness & irritability (“Grumpy old man syndrome”)

  • Problems with concentration

  • Declining libido

  • Need for extra stimulation to get erections

  • Declining ability to sustain erections and declining quality of erections

  • Increasing tendency for depression

  • Increased incidence in heart disease

  • Increase in LDL (“bad”) cholesterol

  • Increasing prostate problems especially BPH


After proper diagnosis, including measurement of testosterone and estrogen levels, hormone and nutritional supplementation can assist in restoring normal balance, so that men may regain vitality and enjoy their mature years fully and healthily.