• Kryolan


    Our best selling Kryolan product

    Come into Mckenzies and have our make-up artist colour match you to the right shade.

    Providing 90% coverage, supreme longevity with a demi matte finish. This celebrated formulation is recognised for its flawless application and beautiful opacity.

    Available in 54 shades there is bound to be a shade for you.

    FREE 1 on 1 Makeup Tutorial

    Makeup Knowledge = Power!

    Learn how to get the most out of your Kryolan products with a free one on one tutorial with our Kryolan expert.

    She will walk you through a 25 minute session on any product or technique of your choice, to help you improve your makeup skills.

    Email info@mckenzieschemist.com.au to book your appointment now!


    Makeup done for FREE


    With any Kryolan purchase of $60 or more, you will receive a free makeup session with our expert instore makeup artist.

    Email info@mckenzieschemist.com.au to book your appointment now!

    Mckenzies Chemist is one of Western Australia’s largest stockist of Kryolan Cosmetics for all your fancy dress, special effects, multi media and day to day make up needs.

    We can also order in ANY Kryolan product, for the full range visit:

    www.kryolan.com.au  &  www.kryolan.com

    It only takes us 3 working days to recieve an order, so you won’t be waiting long! We can also post it out to you so you don’t have to pick it up from in store!

    Founded in Germany in 1945, Kryolan is a professional cosmetic company. Kryolan’s Australian origins date back to 1978 when pharmacist Marshal Caffyn began offering Kryolan to his clients – many of which were professional and amateur performers in film, stage and TV.

    Kryolan makeup

    Today Kryolan continues to combine quality German manufacturing with the knowledge of make-up artists to create a line of innovative professional cosmetics.But what is the difference between professional make-up and everyday beauty make-up with which we are all so familiar?A considerable number of special demands, such as the following, are placed on professional make-up and must be satisfied to an optimal degree.

    • Faithful rendition of colors for the stage or camera
    • Good permanence on the actor’s skin
    • Especially good compatibility on the skin
    • Color continuity over years
    • Good color intensity
    • Capability of international application
    • High degrees of product safety and reliability
    Kryolan products

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